Area Clubs

The good news about our area is that there are many clubs to choose from.  They each have a different coaching philosophy and approach to training and playing.  Check out their websites for more details and to email the club leadership.

Set Point Volleyball Club – Winston-Salem

Fred Wendelboe is the Managing Director

Champion Volleyball Club – Winston-Salem

Doug Balser is the Club Director.  The former Davie Dazzle Volleyball club has merged with Champion.

Spirits Volleyball Club – Winston-Salem

Master Coach – Dana Wall of Salem College.


winston-salem volleyball



Piedmont Volleyball Club – Greensboro

Contacts are Blaine Tendler (Director) and Kim Mansfield (Head of Public Relations) The former Sportsplex Volleyball Club has merged with Piedmont.

winston-salem volleyball






Deacon Volleyball Academy – Winston-Salem

Ken Murzcek is the Volleyball Director.

NC Power Volleyball Club – Greensboro

Glenn Cashion is the Head Coach.

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