Roundup: Club Volleyball Tryouts in the Winston-Salem Area

Last year, the WAVE did an article on the club volleyball scene – but that landscape has greatly changed!  So it’s time for an updated roundup of the club volleyball tryouts in the Winston-Salem area.

Tryouts begin in mid-October for the younger age groups.  With so many clubs in our area, there is overlap in tryout dates.  Be sure to check our calendar for complete details.  Not sure where to start with tryouts?   This previous article on trying out for club volleyball may help.

So here’s the roundup for the main clubs fielding teams from players in our area (in no particular order):

Set Point Volleyball Club

winston-salem volleyball

Philosophy towards training:  Set Point’s training philosophy has always been to train players to play with proper fundamental technique. They believe that players trained to play as a team using appropriate skills will be successful, that wins will take care of themselves as individual players learn to function as a team.

Program goals:  Set Point’s goals for all players are for them to learn to enjoy the sport of volleyball, improve their skills and learn the benefits of cooperation and teamwork in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship.

How they are different from other clubs:  They believe that their people make the difference. They benefit from a history rooted in the very beginnings of junior volleyball in this area. They have prided themselves in involving top quality coaches who pass along their knowledge and experience to players, other coaches and parents.

What’s new for the club this season:  Set Point welcomes Heather Holmes and Trevor Hewitt to the club as principal clinicians. Heather is the former coach at Wake Forest and Trevor is a successful high school and High Performance coach. They will bring fresh ideas and training skills to our clinics and assist their coaches with practice execution.

Set Point volleyballPractice schedule:  Teams typically practice either two or three times a week. Most teams will practice on Sunday afternoons and various weeknights. They periodically have individual skill clinics throughout the year. Set Point is a USAV club and play principally in the Carolina Region and on the East Coast.

Practice locations:  Winston-Salem, Clemmons

Teams they expect to field: 12U-18U, with one-two teams per age group.  For older age groups, there will be travel team options.

Clinics/Open gyms:  Lead by Heather Holmes, Robyn Wesselman and Trevor Hewitt, clinics started on September 28 and will continue through October 19.  Details online.  Cost is $10/session.

Tryout dates:  October 23 – November 11.  Check the website for dates for specific age groups.

Contact:  Fred Wendelboe, Director,


 Champion Volleyball Club


Philosophy towards training:  All of their teams, regardless of the level, will focus on both individual skill development and team play. Each of their practice sessions are broken down into skill development – where all girls are trained in all aspects of the game, and team play – where they teach both defensive and offensive philosophies.

Program goals:  For the younger players, we have two major goals. First, they want to develop a love and a passion for the game of volleyball. Second, they want to teach the girls the correct way to play the game.  For the older players, they want to help refine their skill level and their individual game play. They also want to train and prepare each player to be an integral part of their high school program and prepare them to play at the next level.

How they are different from other clubs:  The club tries to focus on the development of the player in a safe and supportive environment. They have found that encouraging players during instruction, will help the player learn the required skills at a faster pace. They are also offering a true National program, which will help the more advanced player receive college attention.

What’s new for the club this season: The club has merged with the former Davie Dazzle program, so they will be now offering club teams, not only out of the Winston Area, but also out of Davie and Stokes counties. They are adding a National Team program this year, which will allow the advanced players to compete at a higher level. They have also signed NIKE as a sponsor for our club.

Champion volleyball clubPractice schedule: Regional teams usually practice 1-2 times a week, depending on tournament schedule. Practices are a combination of individual and team skill development. Specific skill development clinics are offered in the fall, spring and during the season.

Practice locations:  Winston-Salem, Rural Hall, Davie County (for Davie-based teams only)

Teams they expect to field: 12U-18U, with one-two teams per age group.  For 16-18U, there will be national (travel) team options.

Clinics/Open gyms:  None

Tryout dates:  October 18 – November 6.  Check the website for dates for specific age groups.

Contact:  Doug Balser, Director,


 Piedmont Volleyball Club

winston-salem volleyball

Philosophy towards training:  Piedmont’s training philosophy is to create well-rounded players that while eventually specializing, will understand all court positions and have mastery of basic skills for each position (setting, passing, hitting, serving).  Piedmont believes in getting as many touches on the ball as possible, employing proven drills for building skill sets in a high-rep, fast paced practice.  With coaching coming from many qualified staff members, players will get solid instruction to build their skills individually so that when they come together to train with their teammates, they will be confident and able to work as a unit.

Program goals:  By offering various levels of play, Piedmont hopes to grow a love of the sport and the skill set of every player.  For players desiring to play post-high school, they offer the training to get them to collegiate play.

With the change in landscape with community colleges springing up all over America, many of the 2 year schools have volleyball. The schools have conferences and operate as like the 4 year schools with many having financial aid available. Piedmont VBC will educate the players and families about the opportunities that may present itself through their journey with the club. All players, regardless of what level program they may consider, will have an opportunity to explore collegiate volleyball.

How they are different from other clubs:  The biggest difference between their club and others in the area is that their program, teams all train together. Regional will all train the same time and Zonal and National will train together. They see this as a huge advantage and why their Master Coaching philosophy works. Coaches move around at practices during position training and the players have the advantage their entire coaching staff at work, including coaches who specialize in specific volleyball positions.

Another difference with clubs in the area is that they have their own training facility, so court space for training or private lessons is never an issue.

What’s new for the club this season:  Piedmont, after taking over the former Sportsplex Volleyball Club, is now offering three levels of play:  Regional, Zonal travel and National travel.

piedmont volleyball clubPractice schedule: Regional and zonal travel teams practice twice a week with special skills clinics offered on other days.  National teams practice three times a week.

Practice locations: Greensboro Sportsplex facility

Teams they expect to field:  12U-18U, with two-three teams per age group.  For older age groups, the level of teams will be national travel, zonal travel and regional.  For younger age groups, the level of teams will be zonal travel and regional.

Clinics/Open gyms:  Lead by Piedmont coaching staff, open gyms started on September 14 and continue through October 12.  Details online. Cost is $6 per session.

Tryout dates:  October 18 – November 3.  Check the website for dates for specific age groups.

Contact: Kim Mansfield, Director,


 Salem Spirits Volleyball Club

salem spirits logo

Philosophy towards training:  The club is committed to every Spirits/Fluid Volleyball Club athlete having a positive experience that fuels their love of volleyball and competition. Their top priority is always striving to improve and giving each athlete the feedback and tools to help them improve as a volleyball athlete and person every day. They believe that long-term success comes from a strong foundation of youth volleyball players. The SPIRITS Developmental Program will create an atmosphere of fun and excitement in a low-stress environment. This program will promote proper technique and teach athletes to learn the game. Additionally, they teach athletes to be a positive and supportive teammate, be a problem solver, push beyond their comfort zone, and compete with confidence and enthusiasm.

Program goals:  Spirits has no aspirations of growing into a sizable club with numerous teams at each age group.  Limiting the number of teams allows them to provide quality club volleyball experience.  Teams are formed with the goal of creating fun, competitive teams that work throughout the season to improve each player’s skill, getting them ready for the next level, be it their High School Varsity team or to prepare for College.

How they are different from other clubs:  Unlike most clubs which require travel across the state, they conduct most of their competitions at home.  Spirits hosts 2 tournaments at month that their teams compete in, inviting different teams from around the area so the competition varies.  They do not play in the Carolina Regional tournaments, and have found that by hosting at home, we can keep the cost down and put less stress on their families. They are insured and participate in AAU Volleyball, which provides them with excellent coverage and is about ¼ the cost of a USAV registration.

Salem SpiritsPractice schedule:  This will vary with different teams, but most teams will practice twice a week. They try to make our schedule the same each month so families can plan accordingly.

Practice locations: Salem College facility in Winston-Salem

Teams they expect to field:  12U-18U, with one-two teams per age group.  Teams are based on commitment level, talent, etc. and not necessarily on age.  The level of teams will be both regional and travel.

Clinics/Open gyms:  They will have Mitch Sadowsky come in late December for a hitting clinic and possible “Christmas Camp”.  Information will be on their website.  This year they also are working with local trainer Andy Hepler, who will be doing training sessions with teams.

Tryout dates:  October 20 – October 26.  Check the website for dates for specific age groups.

Contact:  Dana Wall, Director,


 Deacon Volleyball Academy

winston-salem volleyballPhilosophy towards training:  They believe the most learning takes place within this age group during training with multiple repetitions. The players will be challenged both physically and mentally during every training session in a competitive environment.

Program goals:  DVA believes players under the age of 14 should be spending the majority of their training time working on proper technique and skill development as opposed to playing in a magnitude of tournaments.

How they are different from other clubs:  DVA has a proven systematic way of teaching proper fundamental volleyball skills. Every training session is under the direct supervision of the current Wake Forest Volleyball coaching staff. Each practice is planed out a head of time and drills are modified according to the players current ability level.

What’s new for the club this season: The club is offering a boy’s program, which is currently the only one available in the area.

Deacon volleyball academyPractice schedule:  Dates TBD but twice a week practices with competition in four tournaments throughout the season.

Practice locations:  Wake Forest University facility in Winston-Salem

Teams they expect to field: 11U-14U for girls, with two teams per age group and at least one team each for boys 12U and 14U.

Clinics/Open gyms:  Lead by Wake Forest Volleyball coaching staff, clinics will be held on October 6 and 13.  Details online.  Cost is FREE.

Tryout dates:  October 20 – October 25.  Check the website for dates for specific age groups.

Contact:  Jen Murczek, Wake Forest Volleyball,



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