Why Choose Volleyball

Volleyball is a little different than most sports available to girls today.  There aren’t leagues that start at age 3 as with soccer.  Most girls don’t even get exposed to volleyball until the latter years of elementary school.  But that’s also what makes this a GREAT sport to get involved in – whether your child has tried another sport first or is just starting in athletics.  Reasons to try volleyball include:

  • Parents and children are looking for a fun, team sport to begin where it isn’t already super-competitive by age 10
  • A parent played volleyball in high school, college or rec leagues – and wants to pass their love of the sport on to their child
  • A child has height, athleticism or both

In volleyball, “team” is emphasized, with players giving each other positive feedback after each play – regardless if point is won or lost.  At the same time, girls develop individual skills that over time enable them to be a specific contributor to the team (setter, outside hitter, libero, etc.).  Players make connections to their teammates that create friendships that last a lifetime.  Success in this sport, as with others, also helps build confidence and self-esteem in young girls.

Volleyball is a fast growing sport for girls in the U.S., with options to play from late elementary through college.  Colleges have had indoor volleyball teams for years and are now adding outdoor teams as a an official collegiate sport.  Once your child gets involved in the sport, they have many options for playing…from school teams to clubs to even outdoor beach volleyball.

So consider volleyball!   It’s fun, exciting and may be just the sport your daughter’s been looking for!


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